Being Human

Today’s blog is going to be short and sweet. 

Sometimes it seems like the world is moving faster and we are just standing still.  My schedule at work has been turned upside down, and I struggle to find time to get it all in.  So, when you find yourself in a situation like this, don’t be afraid to take a deep breath and relax.  The important stuff will get taken care of, it always does.

This post may not be the most informative on matters of health and fitness, but maybe it offers something that gets lost in the shuffle of the daily race of life.  Sometimes, when you think things can’t get any crazier, you just need to let go.  Not letting go causes the stress to build like crazy, and that is certainly not good for your health. 

So next time you feel like you can’t get everything done that needs to get done, just stop and smell the roses for a few minutes.  Those moments of relaxation will allow the following times of insanity to be just a little bit more bearable. 

So, if you’ll forgive me for ending this post here for the evening, I’ve got some sniffing to do.


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