What’s On Your iPod?

Everyone, it seems, has an iPod these days.  Whether it’s the newest and fanciest model or something a little older and possibly outdated, for some people an iPod is every bit as important to their workout as good shoes or a sports bra.  This is especially true for many people when they take their workouts out of the gym and do their cardio on the open road.

As someone who has run a marathon both with and without an iPod, I am somewhat on the fence when it comes to “needing” music with you during an extended workout.  Something that absolutely cannot be overlooked when deciding whether or not an iPod is appropriate is the safety aspect of not having music blasting in your ears while you run or bike down the street.  Being able to hear an approaching car, dog, or fellow exerciser can give you an extra second or two of notice to ensure your safety, should a situation ever arise.  The ear buds can also have a subtle impact on the balancing mechanism of your inner ear, which can be a problem if you are riding or running on a trail that may be somewhat uneven.  If you choose to exercise while listening to your iPod, I would recommend you keeping the volume low so you are better able to stay aware of your surroundings. 

If you do decide to use an iPod or other mp3 player, what are you listening to?  The spectrum of options is wide, from listening to books on tape to only having music with a specific number of beats per minute in an attempt to help you run or pedal at an even pace.  As long as you are making the choices of music that you enjoy, you really can’t go wrong.  Personally, I like the music on my iPod to be a little more upbeat, especially when I’m an hour or more into a run.  I love a lot of slower music, but when I’m working out and I’m tired, those slow songs don’t help. 

So, here are a few songs that I have on my iPod running playlist.  They definitely help me get over the hump when I’m out training for whatever distance race is next up on the horizon.  If you’ve got other suggestions, feel free to leave a comment for others to check out as well.

1.  “Otis”–Jay-z and Kanye West
2.  “Rolling in the Deep”–Adele
3.  “It’s All Been Done”–Barenaked Ladies
4.  “Dog Days are Over”–Florence + the Machine
5.  “Celebrity Skin”–Hole
6.  “Bombs Over Baghdad”–Outkast


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