Resistance Training–Skip It and Regret It

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Few things in life are universally accepted as truth. What is painfully obvious to one person almost always has another side to the story.

And in matters of personal preference, good luck.

Don’t believe me? Think about it. Red wine or white? Draught or stout or lager? Shaken or stirred? (Do I sound like an alcoholic yet?) How about medium-rare or well done? Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin?

The point is, it’s hard to get everyone to agree on almost anything. And this is especially true in health circles. We argue about the benefits, or lack there of, of stretching. What is the best formula for training? 3 sets of 12? 5 sets of 6? Cardio first? And don’t even get me started on supplements.

But there is one fitness area where I have seen lots of agreement from some different circles of people. Many workout newbies don’t like resistance training. Somewhat surprisingly, to me at least, there are a number of people who lead healthy lives that don’t care to participate in any strength training at all. Strength training has so many benefits that any fitness professional worth a dime will insist on including resistance training as a regular component of any fitness program.

Here’s the thing–there is ABSOLUTELY NO ONE who should omit strength training on a regular basis.

It is literally that important.

Strength training, at it’s core, is all about building muscle. And this is important because:

Over the next several posts I will be looking more closely at certain groups of people that are traditionally resistant to resistance training, such as women, fitness newbies, overweight/obese individuals, seniors, pregnant/new mothers, and endurance athletes. If there is any other group that you can think of that you’d like me to cover, please leave a note in the comments and I’ll add it to the list. In each of these posts, I will address some of the traditional excuses people use to justify their lack of weight training to see if any of them hold any weight. Spoiler alert: there are almost no good excuses for omitting resistance exercises.

Hopefully you’re already doing some strength training in your regular routine. If you’re not, you really need to go ahead and add some muscle building exercises to your fitness plan. If you’re not sure what to add or where to start, I’d be more than happy to help you create a plan to meet your unique needs.



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  8. Readily agree with your article. Strength training is a MUST, even if you sit at an office the whole day. Anti-aging is a gd way to put it .

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