Week That Was–March 24, 2012

Hope you had a good week. Here are a few stories/articles thamy caught my eye this week. Check them out.

Exercise Doesn’t Have to be Tortuous to be Beneficial

Weight Loss Success–How One Woman Lost 140 Lbs.

More Obese People Have Joint Pain, Heart Conditions

Is Over-Snacking Becoming the Norm?

Vintage Weight Loss Ads

Are Foods Labeled as Healthy Really Healthy?

Sorry for another slower week, but my family is still in town. They leave on Wednesday, so I’ll get back into the swing of things soon.

Coming up this week, another installment of the strength training series and a look at some movies that inspire exercise. Also, the first post of the no-wheat experiment for the month of April coming next weekend.

If you have any suggestions for movies to add to the list, let me know. Happy Sunday y’all.



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2 responses to “Week That Was–March 24, 2012

  1. Great links! Great for a Monday morning read. 🙂

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