Monthly Mission–The Genesis


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Why do New Years Resolutions typically crash and burn within a month or so after the first of January?

  • Do we overreach on our resolutions?
  • Do we make resolutions that are impossible to keep?
  • Do we think that the idea of keeping the resolution for an entire year is too much, so screw it?

Personally, I’d lean towards number three.

When you make a resolution in January, you are typically trying to do something to better your health/life/family/soul, and that is great. But to make the change for an indefinite amount of time, especially if it’s a drastic change, that’s tough.

And then, inevitably, you give it up.

What if, instead of making resolutions for an entire year, we instead focused on making changes for a month at a time that may help you lead a healthier life?

That is the idea behind the monthly mission. I’m not sure exactly where the idea came to me from, but I’ve been doing it since February, and so far I really like it.

Why are Monthly Missions Successful?

  • You get a sense of accomplishment in a month, instead of waiting an entire year.
  • You expose yourself to something and give it a legitimate chance of being a positive, and if it doesn’t work like you’d hoped you can forget about it at the end of the month?
  • If you fail, you can reboot much quicker than waiting for next year.
  • And lets be honest, you can do anything for a month.

How Hard Is It?

It depends what you’re doing for the month.

Some missions will certainly be more difficult than others, but be realistic and give yourself a fighting chance. For example, if you have a big bowl of ice cream every night before bed, cutting ice cream for a month may be a bit difficult. But it’s doable. Believe me. Maybe that month you can allow yourself a couple of cookies or a piece of dark chocolate to appease your sweet tooth but still challenge yourself with no ice cream for a month.

And remember, not all months need to be about giving something up. You can make it your mission to make positive changes for a month too, ie doing yoga 4 times per week for the month. Or drink more water. Or use the steps instead of the elevator.

The possibilities are, literally, infinite.

My Missions to Date

What will your Monthly Mission be? Let me know!



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47 responses to “Monthly Mission–The Genesis

  1. atin1976

    As a founder of the best weight loss clinic in Mumbai, I think what you mention here about monthly resolutions is an absolutely unique and effective idea for self-transformation. I must use this idea with my patients. As a species, we human beings do not have the ability to hold resolutions with the same intensity for extended periods of time which is why monthly, weekly or even daily resolutions work best. Something similar to the Japanese ‘kaizen’ way of self-improvement – one skill at a time.

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  27. That’s a great idea. I’ll try it!

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