Week that Was–April 7, 2012

I hope this past week was good for all of you.

For those of you in the Jewish and Christian faiths, I hope you were able to pause from the busy day-to-day activities of life and reflect on the meanings of the holy days this week according to your beliefs.

This week’s link list is a little short, but the ones that I came across were pretty good. Check out any that interest you.

Employers Tie Financial Rewards/Penalties to Health Tests, Lifestyle Choices
6 Lies Trainers Tell You
Obesity Rate May Be Worse Than We Think
How to Eat to Flatten Your Belly

So far, the no wheat challenge is going ok, but it’s difficult for sure. I’ll be putting a full post together updating how I’m feeling later in the week. I’ll also be finishing up the second to last post of the strength training series, which should be posted either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Hope y’all have a great week. And for those celebrating today, Happy Easter!


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One response to “Week that Was–April 7, 2012

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Hiya – Just wanted to say hello & I so relate!! I’ve just logged into the forum & found you lost a draft. I did that twice this week. I’m utterly confused. Got to go back & read now how to get it back. Hope it’s good news…

    Just wanted to say though that omg spending an hour on a post on an iPad & finding it gone. AAAAARGH!

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