Confession Time


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I suck.

As I write this, I sit here fully aware that it has been a full week since the last time I posted anything new to the blog. Top notch, eh?

Remind me again, how exactly did I finish in first place in Crabby’s ranking of top health and/or fitness blogs?

I’ve got a handful of solid excuses for the lack of activity on the blog though, if anyone wants to hear them.

On second thought, you know what they say about excuses and a certain orifice of the human body.

Maybe I should just make my next Monthly Mission to post more frequently. Not sure if that would quite fit the criteria of a sound Monthly Mission though.

But i digress.

So what’s the point of this jibberish today? Simple.

For me, staying current and topical on the blog is difficult. And from time to time, life gets a little backed up and you’re forced to prioritize. Too often, the blog is what gets axed to alleviate some of the jam up on my to do list.

And for that, I apologize.

But I know I’m not the only one who struggles to keep everything running smoothly from time to time. And for many people, the thing that gets cut is their workout time. Think about it, if you’re shuffling kids between soccer, dance, piano lessons, and friends houses on a daily basis, on top of working full time and trying to keep up the house and making dinner every night, finding me time is difficult.

So many busy moms and dads simply don’t make the time to make working out a priority. They likely know they need to, but hitting the snooze for 15 more minutes of sleep in the morning, or a glass of wine and some Facebook time before bed wins out.

The point of this post isn’t to make you feel bad. It really isn’t. I’m just trying to be honest about my lack of posts in the past week and relating it to something I know many people struggle with as well. So do like I’m doing. Let go of the fact that you haven’t worked out in a week (or 3), and do something today.

That’s all this post is about.

It’s not another post in the strength training series. It’s not another update on my wheat free month of April. It’s not even some type of get out there and do it motivational post. It’s just me saying I’m human, I fail to meet my own expectations sometimes, and I’ll try to do better.

And if there is something in your life you need to take a similar approach to (whether it is working out or otherwise), I hope you’ll follow suit.

Are there any areas in your life that you just need to hit the reset button on and start fresh? Do it today, and don’t look back! Leave me a comment or two was well if you don’t mind sharing.



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3 responses to “Confession Time

  1. Hahaha, you crack me up. I’ve definitely got some areas I’m “hitting the reset” on. I’m proud to say that over the last month I’ve been developing a consistent, sustainable writing schedule for my fiction writing. I can’t even TELL you how many times I’ve tried to do that, and to finally attempt it and succeed? Amazing feeling 🙂

    And don’t feel too horrible about not posting. We forgive you. But only this once…

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