Wheat Free April Progress Report II


Wheat? (Photo credit: « Jonny Boy »)


April’s Monthly Mission is continuing on, and if I’m honest I’d have to admit complete and utter shock at how little I’ve struggled with not eating wheat products. In fact, each of the past two weeks people have brought muffins and donut holes to Sunday School, and I really haven’t struggled to say no to them. And if you had told me I’d face that kind of temptation before the month started, I’d have told you there would be no way I’d make it. So, I guess maybe I’m winning.

I’ve started to notice some changes during the course of this month that are making me really consider adopting a relatively wheat free lifestyle. I will explore each of these completely subjective observation next week with a post recapping the entire month’s experience, but I’ll at least mention a few here.

  • I’m eating less this month without feeling hungry very often.
  • I’m much less gassy.
  • I’m eating healthier, real food. (It’s almost amazing how many processed foods contain wheat)
  • I’m enjoying it.

So far, with a week to go, I’d label this month a success. I feel better, eat less, and haven’t noticed any negative changes. Win, win, and win.

I’m still eating too much ice cream, but that may be another battle for another day.



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4 responses to “Wheat Free April Progress Report II

  1. Good Luck with your wheat free lifestyle! I also started as an experiment back in January and have been wheat-free ever since! It has really been eye-opening and pretty effortless.

  2. I’m glad to hear this is working so well for you!

    Did you have a lot of problems with gases before trying this?

    • Evil–

      My wife would say I had a huge problem. I don’t know that I would completely agree with her, but I notice I’m burping a little less and it seems like I’m farting much less often. And maybe it’s just me, but they aren’t as smelly as before either.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m still human so I still have my moments, but to me the frequency is decreased enough that it is noticeable.

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