Week That Was 4/28/2012

Can you believe it’ll be May on Tuesday? Man, this year is flying by.

As always, lots of things going on that contribute to not as much being done on the blog, but it looks like this week could actually be a productive one. I’ve got a strength training for seniors post almost done, I’ll be putting together a recap on my wheat free month of April, and I’ll be unveiling my new Monthly Mission for May on Tuesday.

And, I’ll be finishing up my guest post for Eric Wang’s blog Health Demystified that will be featured on his blog the following week. So, it may actually start looking like I’m a legitimate blogger before too much any longer.

Anyway, here is a sampling of some of the articles that caught my eye during this past week.

Soft Drinks: Public Enemy Number 1 in Obesity Fight?
Cancer Survivors Urged to Eat Better, Exercise
10 Ways to Keep Your Workouts Exciting
Surprisingly Calcium Rich Foods that Aren’t Milk

Have a great week everyone!


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