Week That Was 5/5/2012

Well guys, the month of May is here. And if you live down south, it’s wicked hot.

I try not to use the heat as an excuse to skip out on my runs, but when it’s 90 by noon it’s tough. Last week I only got in about 10 miles, but I’m hoping to make up for it this week. I’m still ahead of the pace for my 2012 goal of 728 miles, but there are still a lot of miles to go. Just gotta keep grinding along and I’ll get there.

This week in review has a lot of good articles, so feel free to check out any that are of interest to you.

Eat More and Weigh Less with Volumetrics
Offices are Getting Active, Healthy
Body Confidence:Survey Reveals How We Really See Ourselves
Jogging Lonked With Increased Life Expectancy
Why Light Weights Can Have a Big Impact
Sleep Lessens the Effect Genes Have on Weight
Film Aims to Sound Alarm on Obesity

Big things are on tap for this week. Health Demysified is launching a guest post marathon, of which I’ve been invited to contribute to. I believe my post is going up on Tuesday or Wednesday, but just go ahead and follow Eric’s blog so you can get all of the installments.

They will be worth your time, guaranteed.

I’ve also got a couple of posts percolating and almost ready for publishing, so it could be an active week here as well. I’m also mulling some changes to the blog/website (nothing major, but hopefully they will bring big improvements) so stay tuned for those.

Otherwise guys, have a great week.


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