Week That Was 5/26/2012

I hope your Memorial Day weekend is off to a good start. I pray that you are able to enjoy any vacations/cookouts/family time that you will be enjoying during this time. I would only ask that you would stop at some point, pause, and remember what the weekend is about–remembering those who have lost their lives serving in our country’s military.

I rarely remembered, or at least paid much attention, to the meaning behind the holiday growing up. I knew no one who had lost their life in the service, so I guess it was never really real to me. That all changed in the summer of 2005 when my fraternity brother Charlie Rubado was killed in action in Iraq.

I’ll never overlook Memorial Day again.

Sorry to be a downer, but I just hope you are able to pause during your festivities this weekend to remember those families who have lost a son/daughter/dad/mom/brother/sister/etc and will never be whole again. I know I do.

Thanks Chuck. Miss you, bro.


On to the articles that caught my eye this week.

More Sleep Equals Less Weight–An Opportunity Lost?
Run Past Your Goals and Find Yourself
The Fatter the Nation Is, The More You Pay
Youth Diabetes, Prediabetes Rates Soar

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. My wife and I are off to North Carolina for a week of vacation tomorrow morning, so I’m not sure how active I will be on the blog. I have no idea if we will have Internet access or cell signals, but I’ll be back at some point with a new Monthly Mission post and a recap of my time in NC, as if anyone cares.

Take care guys!



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4 responses to “Week That Was 5/26/2012

  1. Katie

    Loved the article on running (I also really appreciate these posts you do with the article links). The quote from Hal Higdon the author used was inspiring and exactly what I needed for some perspective. Officially, thank you.

  2. Your articles are always inspiring.

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