When a Run is More Than a Run

My wife and I are in the middle of our first vacation in over a year, and only our second vacation in the past 7 years that wasn’t with family or to visit family. And it is wonderful.

We are staying in a mountain home in Waynesville, NC, and just laying low and keeping to ourselves for the most part.

Here’s the view off of the front porch of the house.


Not a bad perch for the morning coffee, eh?

I went for a bit of a run today, but if you can judge from where we are staying there are quite a few hills involved with the running. Yesterday, I went for 6.5 miles, and the last mile and a half was literally straight up the whole way.

Ok, maybe not literally. But if I told you I ran more than a quarter mile of that stretch I’d be lying.

Anyway, running on these single lane mountain roads is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done in quite a long time. Being able to see some beautiful homes and gardens is awesome, and further cements the notion that someday I’m going to own a home in the mountains.

Now if only DK FitSolutions would blow up so I could afford it, eh?

Anyway, here are some sights from my (almost) 5 miles today.


A lot of these mountain roads have different methods to help prevent erosion from occurring. I love the random stone wall and the shrubs, and there is literally no house near this wall. Someone just takes care of it for the betterment of all, I guess.


Random fire hydrant.




Woodland critter.


Another pretty retaining wall. This one was a rose garden.


Great signage.

It’s easy to get in a rut with our daily activities. And sometimes we just need a little wake-up call to shake us out of it.

Whether it’s a vacation, a new routine, or a new activity all together there is nothing like getting out of the mundane to make you feel energized and free.

And that is when a run is more than a run.

Do you have any breaks in your routine coming up? A race? Vacation? Trying something new? I’d love to hear about it!



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7 responses to “When a Run is More Than a Run

  1. J P

    Great post, Upcoming vacation for me, so the run will be on a quiet stretch of beach in South Carolina. Always very recharging.

  2. I am retired. Most days are something new.
    Twice a day I take mini 20-minute vacations from whatever I’m doing, through meditation.

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  4. Chris

    Looks like your mountain vacation was good for you. I wonder if these snapshots were happy opportunities to catch your breath on those up-and-downs…Seems a “hill” of a lot different than the straight-aways we normally see in Florida. Good post Denny!

    • No question the hills were a lot more serious than the Florida hills aka overpasses. I didn’t seem to mind the uphills too much, but goi down was a bear.

      And did I happen to catch my breath a little bit while taking a picture? Probably!

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