Open the Floodgates–Monthly Mission June 2012



It covers 2/3 of the surface of the earth and composes a similar percentage of the makeup of our body.

You could say it’s important.

And that would be an understatement.

Water is vital. There is a reason you can live roughly 40 days without food but only about 4 days without water.

It really is that important.

And I don’t drink enough of it.

I’ll admit to it. I used to be a big time pop guy. But I’ve done a pretty good job at eliminating that and other sugary drinks from my diet, although I do get tempted a lot at work with all of the power ade that is so readily available.

What I do drink a lot of is coffee. Lots of coffee. And before you get too judgmental, know that I drink my coffee black so the caloric damage is minimal at best.

But it’s still not water.

So for June, that’s the new Monthly Mission.

Mas agua por favor.

I’m going to drink a minimum of 32 oz per day, which is half of what I “should” be drinking. However, since I do so poorly with actually drinking water right now, I’m hoping to keep my goal attainable to avoid bailing on this month like I did during May.

So there you have it folks. I’m going to be flushing my system with the best stuff on Earth this month–not Snapple but that high quality H2O.

Bottoms up!


Who’s up for a Mission this June? I’d love to hear what your plans for your Monthly Mission are! Leave me a comment!



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7 responses to “Open the Floodgates–Monthly Mission June 2012

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  2. Katie

    Mine is “a mile a day.” I’ve been pretty slack on cardio since I started lifting heavy, especially on lifting days. This challenge is pretty obtainable since a mile really isn’t too far (once around the block and done-boom).

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