Week That Was 6/2/2012

This week has been awesome. My wife and I spent some time up in North Carolina just relaxing. About the only difficult thing I did was spend a few days running on the mountain roads. Not the easiest things, and running down was way more difficult than running up, but it was awesome anyway.

While it was a great relaxing week, I’ve been pretty disconnected from the world so I only have a few articles to share with you guys this week.


5 Ethical Reasons to Add Grass-Fed Beef to Your Diet
73 Year Old Woman Scaling Everest Proves You Can Age Well

Sorry for the lack of quantity, but I thought both of these were fantastic.

I hope you guys have a great week. I’ll be checking in a few times with some new posts, and hopefully a few things to announce on a personal/professional level soon so stay tuned.

Until then…


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