Eyes on the Prize–Keeping Tabs on My Year’s Mileage

It should come as no surprise to any of you that I’m less than enthusiastic about the use of New Year’s Resolutions to create the motivation and drive to spur healthy lifestyle changes. Too often, people make their resolutions so vague-eat better, exercise more, etc-that it is virtually impossible to gauge whether or not you are being successful and moving toward their goal. Or, the resolutions are too restrictive and set the individual up for failure. No fast food or no pop are great goals, but for many people that restrictive of a resolution, and the thought of having to do it for an entire year, has them throwing in the towel by the end of January in most cases.

These are a few of the reasons that I love the Monthly Mission strategy, and the use of specified goals for a set duration. In the few months that I’ve been doing the Monthly Missions, most of them have stuck and led to a healthier lifestyle.

This year, however, I also set a New Year’s Resolution for myself, if that’s what you want to call it. I set a running goal of logging 728 miles for the year. It sounded a bit crazy back in January, but if you break it down it is only 14 miles per week, so it’s totally doable.

I’m glad to report that as of Saturday, June 6, I’ve gone 338.25 miles, which puts me almost half way to my goal only 5 months in.

Anyway, as I continue logging the miles I’ll continue posting updates from time to time, not to brag, but because it helps keep me on track.

So thanks for holding me accountable on my way towards a healthier me, and hopefully along the way, I can inspire a healthier you as well.

Any of you guys have a similar type of long term exercise goal? Need help staying accountable? Let me know and I’ll throw out random reminders/encouragement in future posts.


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