What’s the Fuss About?

In case some of you weren’t paying attention, we are currently right in the middle of the most gripping, most watched sporting events/dramas of the year. Of course, the Olympics don’t start for another month or so, but Euro Cup 2012 is going on right now, and it is fabulous.


Even if you’re not the biggest fütbol fan in the world, in my opinion, this is still must see tv. How the game changes with every little play, and the swings in emotion after a goal–for a sports fan this is priceless.

If you watch long enough, you’re likely to notice something else going on.

The fans are crazy!


If you think NFL fans take football games too seriously, then you need to check out real fütbol fans. These guys are on their feet chanting, singing, screaming, crying, and all levels of other emotions from before the game starts until well after it finishes.


And the outfits they wear are great too.


But as I watch this tournament unfold, and I see the passion that the fans have for their teams and their willingness to go to great lengths and spend great amounts of money to support them, I wonder.

What if we were that passionate about improving our health?

What if we played a game of fütbol, or football, or basketball, or whatever once in awhile? Instead, we use the games on tv as an excuse to over eat, go drink crazy, and pass out on the couch. What if we were as fired up for our own health as we were for a team that we like?

Personally, I’m a huge sports fan. I’m loving this soccer tournament, and have done the best I can to schedule my daily life around the match times. And in the fall, you know I’ll be watching the NFL all day on Sunday. But, I do my best to have equal passion to make sure I’m finding time for fitness as well. I’m running everyday between the matches of the Euro Cup. And in the fall, Sundays are my rest days. So I do some stretching while I’m watching my Lions play.

As with most things, it’s all about keeping life in the proper perspective. Being passionate about sports seems to come naturally to many people in many nations. It’s ok to watch your teams play. It’s ok to live and die with every up and down during the course of the game.

But it’s great to get outside and play the game you love from time to time. And, it’s good for you.

So go. Play. Now.

Are you as into the Euro Cup as I am right now? Who are you rooting for? Or maybe the NBA finals? Looking forward to the Olympics? What’s your favorite event? Let me know!



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