Weeks That Were–6/10/2012-6/23/2012

Hey guys!

So, how is everybody doing? It’s been a little while, eh?

A few things are changing at DK FitSolutions, and I’ve gotten a little bit behind on my blogging. And that’s changing a little bit too.

Allow me to elaborate.

I’m in the process of merging the blog and my website. It’s not quite up yet, but everything will be housed at http://www.dkfitsolutions.com when all is said and done.

In a perfect world, all of your bookmarks/blog readers/subscriptions to the blog will still be functioning when the merge happens.

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed but may not be holding my breathe.

That’s the recap on the technical side of things.

Another reason for fewer new posts is a bit of a change in philosophy. After reading a great post from the Blog Tyrant about new post frequency, I’m going to back off on the number of new posts. The idea being that by taking more time to craft each post, the quality will be much improved.

That is the goal from this point forward.

Fewer posts but each more pertinent. I hope you’re ok with that.

So here’s two weeks worth of articles and posts that caught my eye. If they interest you, I hope you’ll check them out.

Lack of Sleep Increases Stroke Risk
Mental Exercises Key to Better Brain Function
Fight Over Genetically Engineered Crops on the California Ballot
Diabetes Doctors–NYC Big Soda Ban is Just a Start
How Much Exercise?
Health Benefits of Working Out Outside

Alright guys. I’ll check in again soon. The idea will be for one good post every week to ten days, and these recap posts will be biweekly.

Hope your week gets off to a great start. Take it easy.



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6 responses to “Weeks That Were–6/10/2012-6/23/2012

  1. Thanks for the update. I too decided that daily posting, while good discipline, was too much of a good thing and aim for the same goal, once a week or so, to write something I really like and am excited to share. Great minds πŸ™‚

    • I just found myself posting stuff that wasn’t polished yet because I “needed” a new post. Hopefully now I’ll ease off on the pressure a little bit, take the time to really finalize a great post, and make it more worthwhile for everyone!

  2. Thanks for the update. Keep it up! πŸ™‚

  3. As long as its real, honest, and true…I say post whenever you’re moved to do so. I dig what you’re doing. And I’ll read it whenever you decide to post it.
    -Ronald Dean

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