Your Brain Isn’t a Muscle, But it Still Needs Exercise–Monthly Mission July 2012

When you think of people who lead a healthy lifestyle, what comes to mind?

Somebody with 5% body fat? A marathoner? A person who eats healthy, organic food and limits consumption of processed products? People who exercise regularly?

Photo by Mike Baird via Flickr

You’d get no argument from me about any of those types of people being classified as healthy. But, there is more to living a healthy life than just physical health.

And this is the subject of July’s Monthly Mission.

There are many components of being healthy and, while we tend to focus on the physical ones, all are equally important. Good health consists of having a healthy mind, body, and spirit, and we must be diligent about tending to the health of each of these components. Just as a triangle ceases to exist if you remove one of its legs, good overall health quickly disintegrates if you overlook any of pillars of a healthy life.

This month, my focus will be on my mind by making sure to read for a minimum of an hour every day.

The material that I’m planning to read will vary, but what I’m reading isn’t as important as the fact that I will be reading. I’m planning on enjoying a novel or two, a couple of business books to help improve DK FitSolutions, some news items via the Internet, and keeping up with a number of blogs that I follow.

All in all, I will probably be reading for much more than an hour each day, but 60 minutes will be the absolute minimum.

Why is Reading Important, Anyway?

  • It Helps You Learn New Information–Not everyone learns best just by reading, but reading is a great way to supplement visual and kinesthetic learning styles.
  • Can Help Prevent Memory Loss Later in Life–There are no guaranteed ways to prevent memory loss from ever occurring, but reading is one of the many ways that scientists think MAY help prevent memory loss in old age. And after seeing the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s disease on both of my paternal grandparents, I’m willing to do anything that may help prevent me from developing that horrible condition.


  • Improved Vocabulary and Communication Skills–Language skills are best developed when they are used frequently. Reading is a great way to acquire a better grasp of your language and help you better express yourself.

Photo by Zitona via Flickr


I hope all of you guys have a great month of July and are able to stay cool during this hot month. Enjoy your cookouts on the 4th, and commit to making a healthy change in your life this month!

What are you planning on making your Monthly Mission for July? I’d love to hear about what you have up your sleeve in the comments!



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4 responses to “Your Brain Isn’t a Muscle, But it Still Needs Exercise–Monthly Mission July 2012

  1. J P

    My July mission is to establish both a morning and evening set of rituals. These are a set of tasks I’ll perform every day without exception. Meditation, stretching, exercise as part of the morning ritual, and things like the next days task preparations, reading, and meditation as part of the evening ritual.

    • JP–

      I like it man! That’s a good habit to get into. Especially the getting stuff ready for tomorrow the night before. It’ll totally help your mind to relax and allow for better sleep.

  2. yen

    Yes, i do agree with that. You have to keep both the mind and the body healthy. Thank you. I would incorporate meditation and reading as well to my diet and exercise routine. I have been using Roca Labs formula to control my food intake. A total well rounded package.

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