A New Direction for DK FitSolutions


The first year of running DK FitSolutions has been full of eye opening experiences–some good, some bad.

The biggest problem for me has been the reluctance to take off the rose colored glasses and see the reality of the situation. And the reality of the situation is pretty bleak–a little over a year after I started the business I have had very little interest and almost no revenue.

Needless to say, it’s a good thing I haven’t quite my day job yet. And the emphasis is on the yet, because I’m determined to make this business work.

But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that continuing to bang your head against the same wall doesn’t get you very far–it only gets you a headache.

For the past few months, I’ve been trying to brainstorm ideas for how to tweak the scope of my business to not only make it relevant, but make it profitable for me and beneficial for my clients.

I think (hope!) that I may have formed such an idea–and it’s time to shift gears on the business.

The new direction for DK FitSolutions is a simple one–I’m taking my talents on the road.

I’m changing the focus of my business from finding forward thinking businesses that are interested in creating an employee wellness program to being a personal trainer that meets my clients where they are.

And not just where they are on their path to improving their health, but literally where they are.

I’ll be working with my clients in their homes, or at a nearby park, and giving them all of the knowledge and encouragement that they need to make a significant and lasting change to their health.

So now, my clients won’t have to be paying for a gym membership on top of paying for a personal trainer, because I’ll be bringing the gym with me.

Why Should I Consider Hiring You Instead of a Personal Trainer From the Gym?

More Variety–Many personal trainers tend to get in a rut at their particular gym that makes the training session a lot less “personal”. How many times have you seen the trainer and client relationship go something like this. Client starts with a warm up on the treadmill/elliptical trainer for 10-20 minutes. Then, trainer takes client through a variety of machines targeting the major muscle groups of the body. There are 3 sets of 10 on the chest press, lat pulls, bicep curls, triceps press, etc, etc. and if the client isn’t using machines for the strength training, they are probably following a similar schedule with dumbbells.

Not very unique. But I don’t have the crutch (some might say luxury) of falling into a routine of this machine, then that machine, then the next. Since I’m bringing all of the equipment with me, and my car is small, I’m packing light. You would be surprised how great of a workout you can get using only your body weight as resistance. Add in a Thera-band or a set of light dumbbells, and I promise you’ll get a better burn with me than you ever got with a trainer at a gym. And the best part is, every workout will be different from the one before. You’ll never get bored!

Sure, we may do some of the same exercises on a somewhat regular basis, but kiss the days of 3 sets of 10 goodbye. If you want variety in your workouts, and workouts that really are completely personalized, please give me a chance to show you something new.

All You, All the Time–When I’m working with a you, you are my focus. Period. I’m not working with another client at the same time, communicating with gym staff, or coordinating my schedule. I’m focusing on the exercise at hand, making sure you are using proper form, and getting maximal value for the time we are spending together.

Increased Flexibility–The only person I have to answer to, besides my darling wife of course, is the person I see in the mirror on a daily basis. This allows me a tremendous amount of flexibility for me to offer my clients, both in scheduling appointments and with pricing options.

Many gyms have policies that are set in stone in regards to scheduling/canceling appointments and the cost of hiring a personal trainer. While I do have guidelines in place to cover these situations, I also understand that situations arise that are uncontrollable.

And when the uncontrollable happens, I’ll work with you to find an acceptable solution.

We are all unique. We are all individuals. And I’m completely aware that what works best for some may not work best for all. If you are currently working with a personal trainer at a gym that you are comfortable with, and that is giving you the results you are looking for, please keep on keeping on.

But, if that’s not your situation or your trainer makes you feel like just another client, maybe it’s time for a change.

Or if you want to work out at home but can’t handle watching the same workout DVD again, why not try something new?

Or if you’re thinking about taking the first step towards healthier living but don’t know what the first step should be.

Give DK FitSolutions a shot.

To find out some more information about how we can work together to improve your health, check out the personal training page of the website.



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4 responses to “A New Direction for DK FitSolutions

  1. As a small business owner who has seen his own business model (focus) change dramatically since I first conceived of it, I sincerely applaud your efforts and wisdom in changing your business. Not always easy to do, especially when we figure in the ego, but to be successful you have to go with the flow.

    Be encouraged!

  2. I was sorry to hear that things didn’t work out as well as you hoped, but keeping the things that work and throwing out that don’t, seems like a good approach.

    After all, as with many things in life, perseverance and adaption are the key. Wishing you all the best, because you seem to be a great guy! 🙂

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