Weeks That Were 7/8/2012-7/21-2012

I’m not exactly a world traveler, but in most parts of the country it is hot. At least it is according to the Weather Channel.

These super hot days of summer make exercising seem less than enticing, as most of us are sweating enough just walking to the car.

But high temperatures aren’t good reasons to avoid exercise, you just have to be smart and exercise safely.

Remember to stay hydrated, work out in the morning or evening if working out outdoors, eat healthy foods, and get plenty of rest to stay safe this summer.

But most importantly, listen to your body and allow yourself to veer off schedule on occasion if the situation dictates. I had to take an extra day off from running last week because it was so hot and I could tell I was dehydrated. As much as I wanted to run, it wasn’t worth taking a chance on suffering from heat exhaustion, which would have kept me from running a lot more than just one day.

Just food for thought.

And now, on to the articles that got my attention this week.

“Start Low and Go Slow”–This is a Diet Not a Lifestyle Change
7 Ways to Pick up the Pace of Weight Loss
Weight Loss Secrets: Food Journal, Meals at Home, and More
Recipe for Success
Hospitals Heavy Lifting Lightens Load on Nurses

Hope everybody has a great rest of July!

Stay healthy my friends.


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