Give Me a Frickin’ Break!


I’m sure that I’m not the only person who is enjoying watching the Olympics for these next two weeks that they are on TV.

While I share a great number of frustrations with NBC and their “scheduling quirks” that pop up during every Olympic Games, I still can’t tear myself away.

So far this morning, I’ve watched a little bit of the women’s road cycling, men’s soccer, women’s archery, and men’s tennis.

By far, my favorite aspect of the Olympics is having the chance to see sports that are only shown once every four years. So, while you all know that I enjoy a good soccer tournament as much as the next guy, I’m much more excited to see the archery, badminton, handball, and water polo events than just about any other.

If only curling was both a summer AND a winter Olympic sport….

I really have no complaints about the games at all. It’s so inspiring to watch these athletes compete and to see the dedication required to get to this level. I wish that I was able to have the ability to compete for the USA in any of the Olympic sports, but alas, I’ll never be so lucky.

While the Games themselves are inspiring, the TV coverage leaves a bit to be desired. In this day and age, NBC has to stop waiting 6+ hours to show the events in prime time, because I already know what happened via the Internet.

But the thing that grinds my gears the most about the Olympic coverage has nothing to do with the coverage itself, but the commercials.

Specifically, the food and beverage commercials.

In the past few days, I’ve seen so many McDonald’s, Coke, and Subway commercials that I’ve already seen enough.

And what gets me most is the fact that some of our greatest athletes are spokesmen/women for these foods that are so bad for you.

Everyone has seen a Michael Phelps commercial for him pitching Subway sandwiches. While I’ll agree that these sandwiches are about as healthy of a fast food option as it gets, there are better options available.

And maybe if old Michael had chosen a better option he wouldn’t have laid such an egg in the 400m IM the other day, just saying.

What? Too soon?


My favorite of the food commercials features LeBron James challenging Luol Deng to a contest for a Big Mac and fries.


It is fairly well known that LeBron has a live in chef that prepares his meals for him. Nothing but healthy and fresh options on a daily basis.

And how often do you think he eats a Big Mac? I’m guessing it’s been years.

Yet he’s more than happy to cash his check from McDonald’s and pitch the shit that they serve us and call food.

It’s not good enough for him to eat, but it’s good enough to sell. I don’t get it.

So anyway, for the next two weeks I hope you thoroughly enjoy watching the Olympic Games as much as I plan to. I can’t wait for the upsets and the heartbreaks, the tears of joy and dismay.

The Olympics has so much to love and so little to hate, except for those damn commercials.

And whether you’re an Olympic athlete or not, giving your body good fuel is the most important thing you can ever do for yourself, whether you’re going for the gold or just being mommy.


What do you enjoy most about the Olympics? What’s your favorite events? Let me know!



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5 responses to “Give Me a Frickin’ Break!

  1. While I completely agree about the commercials, a note about the programming. NBC is actually broadcasting most events live, but it is a challenge to find them as they are all over the cable networks and the internet. Best bet is to go to the NBC website to find the off-beat sport you want to see live. They did this specifically to address the lag-time complaint, unfortunately there are so many things going on at once, that the coverage is all over the map.

    Also, regarding Subway, do you think there is a better quick food option? I find places like Subway that allow me to pick and choose among the ingredients at least allow me the choice for lean and light. I am not a soda drinker and will only patronize places that have unsweetened ice tea as an option so Coke is not an issue; I’ve been known to go into McDonald’s just for an iced tea.

    Don’t get me started on LeBron – one word – ethics (or lack thereof). That is the crux of this, being a spokesperson solely for the paycheck, and I dare say the LeBrons of the world are not in need of the cash. But with the hundreds of hours of programming I guess NBC couldn’t sell it all to Nike and Best Buy. Guess we need to just keep pushing the message that fitness and nutrition go hand in hand wherever and whenever we can.

    • I know you can find stuff online, but I’ve had tons of difficulty streaming the events. Really glitchy and freezes. For example, yesterday I saw the same swimming qualification race three separate times, when at the same time the phelps/lochte race was going on. You’d think on a Saturday afternoon, they could have figured out how to show that live instead of letting everyone find out about it before watching it last night. Talk about taking the air out of the balloon.

      As for Subway, if you’re eating on the run it is as good of an option as you’ll find, unless of course you don’t eat wheat products. But there’s no comparing Subway to any other fast food places whatsoever.

  2. Just to say, I too HATE that the Olympics is being sponsored by such rotten unhealthy foods. What are they thinking???

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