Stop the Pop–Monthly Mission for August 2012


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Today is August 1, which means it’s time for a brand new Monthly Mission.

This month I am planning to eliminate ALL sugary sweetened (and non-sugary sweetened) beverages from my diet.

A number of doctors, nutritionists, and health care professionals place a huge source of blame on the increased obesity rates on the increased consumption of sweetened beverages.

I’m not sure that I put the bulk of the blame (pun intended) on this one transgression, but it’s certainly a factor.

Consider the following:

  • An XL Carmel Mocha Coffee from Dunkin Donuts has 430 calories and 60 g of sugar.
  • 8 oz of Coke has 97 cal.
  • Gatorade has 50 cal per 8 oz serving.
  • Even Vita Water has a heavy caloric load–10-50 cal per 8 oz.

In a typical day, it’s possible to take in 1000-1500 calories just from beverages if you’re not careful.

Think about it. A 400-calorie bomb coffee in the morning. A 20 oz Coke with lunch. Another in the afternoon when your energy is lagging. A 32 oz Gatorade during your workout and a couple of Vita Waters throughout the day.

You haven’t even had a beer or glass of wine yet (also calorie dense but at least they have a few redeeming qualities) and you’re over 1000. Factor in a normal day of eating and you’re well over the number of calories you should be consuming.

Maybe what we drink does play a role in our expanding waistlines.


Image By Rosemary via Flickr

But not in mine.

At least not for the next 31 days. In August I’ll be drinking nothing besides water, black coffee, milk, and an occasional adult beverage.

While cutting pop from my diet will be easy, the elimination of Gatorade will be a bit more difficult. I struggle with drinking water when flavored options are available, but I can buckle down if I have to.

And I will.

Even on the road trip from Florida to Michigan and back for my sister’s wedding-nothing but water and coffee to keep me going.

Do you struggle with drinking too many sugary beverages? Ever thought of giving them up? What are you planning for this month’s Monthly Mission?



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11 responses to “Stop the Pop–Monthly Mission for August 2012

  1. Kiya Krier - Runs With Blisters

    Drinks are one of the areas I’ve actually got my health on lockdown (woo!). I actually prefer water to most other drinks. One (ok, maybe 2) 100 cal coffee most days. Occasional ‘adult beverages,’ but even those are losing my interest.

    My monthly mission? Listen to my body! I’ve been pushig too hard on too little fuel (food & sleep). I reeeeally want to start lifting again this month, but teaching Zumba most days of the week takes a toll! I will only start again once I’m rested up.

    • Kiya–

      Congrats on having the drink issue locked down. I’m more than a little jealous.

      And good luck on listening to your body better this month. It’s gotta be tough teaching and then trying to do your own workout on top of it. Strive for 8 hours and hope for the best, but a day off now and then is good too.

  2. Absolutely struggle with drinking water…my solutions so far, naturally carbonated mineral water as in Pelligrino or the like. In plain water adding a wedge of lemon or lime, mint leaves or thinly sliced cucumbers keeps it refreshing and adds some flavor without sweetness. Good luck on your mission!

  3. I am in the process of losing 121 pounds, so liquid calories have been a pretty big focus point for me. I still enjoy a diet soda while at a restaurant. However, at home it’s strictly water and milk. It was a big change for my family, but now the kids drink much more water. My biggest challenge now is making fruit an attractive snack. I am slowly changing my children’s diets to help us all make better choices.

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