You Gotta Start Somewhere

Why is it so difficult to get started sometimes?


I haven’t done much blogging in the past week or so, and I don’t really have a good excuse. Sure, I’ve been semi-busy, but I’ve certainly wasted my fair share of time this week that I could have used to be more productive.

Sometimes, it seems like the idea of sitting down and writing, and editing, and rewriting, and deleting, and proofreading, and adding links, and finding a few good images, and making sure the post is perfect seems a bit daunting.

So instead of getting started, and working for a little while to make some progress, I just don’t even bother to get started.

I’ve had the same hang ups about working out occasionally in my life as well.

Whether I’m dreading a run, or a swim, or a yoga class, or a strength training session, or whatever the workout may be, sometimes the hardest part of the workout is just getting the dumb thing started.

But once I get started, I seldom quit until I’m finished.

Simply starting may be the most important part of the workout (or the blog post).

The next time you try talking yourself out of a workout, consider giving it an honest effort for 15 minutes. If at the end of 15 minutes you’re still not feeling it, go ahead and call it a day. But if you find yourself in the zone, step on the throttle and get a good workout in.

And I’ll do the same when it comes to blogging. Deal?

Why is it easier to skip a workout all together than it is to just do half of it? How else can you keep from talking yourself out of a workout?



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2 responses to “You Gotta Start Somewhere

  1. I always- ALWAYS- end up enjoying a workout, and yet somehow the motivation to get moving is so lacking. I really do have to just flat out bully myself. I am my own drill sergeant. That’s the only way I can consistently get up. If I don’t keep the voice of the yelling personal trainer, the voice of the future me who is waiting, the screaming drill sergeant, or the former me reminding me of how things were, I will allow myself to get distracted. And allowing that moment of distraction/excuse making is when I fall behind.

    • Great point about regularly enjoying your workout. I’m pretty sure I’ve never finished a good workout and thought to myself, “Man, I wish I would have skipped that workout!”. Once you’re finished, it is always time well spent.

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