Weeks That Were 9/2/2012-9/15/2012

I hope your fall has gotten off to a good start.

Things are starting to cool down just a little bit here in Florida, but if you haven’t been here all summer you may not recognize it. But if you are in cooler parts of the country, you are most certainly noticing that fall is near.

September at DK FitSolutions is off to a great start. I have a few new clients, got hired to write a few blog posts for another site, and have some upcoming opportunities to continue to reach potential clients here in Lakeland that are looking for a personal trainer to help them improve their health. Here’s hoping the rest of September goes as well as the first half has.


Now, on to the articles and headlines that caught my eye in the past two weeks.

It’s been a slow couple of weeks on the headlines front, but both of these are great. I’d definitely encourage you to read the first one, it will make you stop and think for a second.

Stay Healthy, My Friends.



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