Watering Down the Holidays–Monthly Mission December 2012

So November’s Monthly Mission was a flop!


Image by Jenn Durfey via Flickr


Despite my intentions to write on a daily basis, that idea was quickly kicked to the curb.

It’s frustrating sometimes how quickly and easily it can be to give up on goals and plans that you have for yourself.

But that really is the beauty of the Monthly Mission. While November was a flop, it has no bearing on what will happen in December and beyond.

Today, I start with a clean slate. Thank God.

When I think about what I should do for future Monthly Missions, I try to find the right balance between challenge and likelihood of success. If I choose to do something that is not a challenge at all, what is the point? But if I pick something that is unattainable, that doesn’t work very well either.

That has been my dilemma as I’ve thought about the next few months going forward. If I try to dramatically alter my diet during the holiday season, I know I’m setting myself up for failure.

So this month, I’m taking a slightly cautious plan of action and revisiting the water Monthly Mission from back in June. I’ll be drinking a daily quota of water (50 ounces) in addition to any coffee, tea, egg nog, or whatever else I’m drinking.

While I know I’m always in need of additional water in my system, I’m hoping that this additional water drinking will help me to limit the nibbling and between meals calories that plague so many individuals during family holiday gatherings.

So what about you? What will you be doing for your Monthly Mission this December? I’d love to hear about it!




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