Doing What it Takes–Monthly Mission January 2013


My first Monthly Mission of 2013 is a little different from most of the missions I completed last year.

This month, I’m going to make a conscious effort to spend 1-2 hours a day minimum working on making DK FitSolutions a profitable business capable of supporting me financially by itself. I’ve wanted to tackle the animal that is self-employment for a couple of years now, and have struggled to dive in enough to make it happen. Instead, I’ve been waiting around hoping it would happen.

And guess what? I’m still waiting. But not any longer.


While this may not seem like it quite fits the criteria of a Monthly Mission, I’m willing to bend my own rules enough to make it work.

Spending more of my free time working on all avenues of the business may not be something that will improve my health in and of itself, but getting it up and going would be a huge relief and accomplishment. No longer having to work my day job full time would relieve a lot of stress from me, and less stress is always a good thing.

While running and relying on personal training and group exercise sessions to meet all of my fiscal needs would no doubt bring about a whole new wave of stress, I look forward to meeting those challenges head on.


And that starts now. Consciously making time each day for blogging, calling, emailing, and whatever other things need to be done instead of playing Angry Birds during my down time is the first step.

It’s not the last step, but it’s progress. And that’s what I need most.

So this month, I’ll be aiming to make a little bit of progress each and every day toward the ultimate goal of turning DK FitSolutions into the source of in-home personal training in Lakeland.

What about you guys? I’d love to hear about what mission you’re working on this month! Let me know below!



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