The Vegetarian Experiment–Monthly Mission February 2013

This is going to be a long month.

While a glance at the calendar would suggest that February is the shortest month of the year, there is a good chance that this may be the longest month I’ve had in awhile.

This month I’m going vegetarian, and this carnivore is a little nervous.

I mean, I like fruits and veggies. But I love meat. In all it’s shapes and forms.

So it could be a long 28 days.

Why Go Meatless?

Good question.

Many vegetarians opt to omit meat from their diet for two main reasons. Either they simply don’t like meat or they have an issue with the way cattle, poultry, and swine are raised and slaughtered. I don’t really fall into either of those categories.

Like I said, I love meat. I like it grilled, broiled, stir fried, and whichever other way it is prepared. And I get about 99% of my meat from local farmers or ranchers who raise their animals in the field and slaughter them in the most humane ways possible. No feedlots. No environmental implications. Just delicious, and nutritious, sources of animal protein.

So again, why am I going vegetarian?

For a couple of reasons.

  • The Challenge–Some of my most successful Monthly Missions have been those that involved omitting something from my diet. Those months are typically difficult, but I enjoy the challenge. I also enjoy the need to find other substitutes to fill the void. I plan to try lots of produce that I wouldn’t normally eat this month, just to see what I like. Hopefully, I’ll find some new things to keep eating once I bring the meat back in March.
  • The Experience–There have been multiple times that I have worked with vegetarians who have asked me questions about ways to get enough protein and other nutrients in their diet while not eating meat. I also write for a blog dedicated to living a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, and it will help me write for that audience after going through this Monthly Mission.
  • To Answer a Few Questions–I have sometimes wondered if eating just fruits and vegetables would get boring? As a runner, will I still get enough fuel to perform by eating a meatless diet? Will I have more energy, as many converts to vegetarianism claim? I don’t know, but these are some of the questions that I’ll be answering this month.

So here goes nothing.

I’m looking forward to this month, but I know it will be difficult.

No steak. No chicken. No fish.

It may take a couple of days to figure things out, but hopefully my plate won’t feel too empty. I’ll be looking for some different fruits and veggies this week at the grocery store, and probably leaning a little heavier on beans and rice than I do normally, but I don’t think I’ll starve.


Image by acidpix via Flickr

Maybe it’ll be easier than I think. I hope so.

What is Your Monthly Mission Going to be This Month? What do You Think About Mine? Am I Crazy?



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6 responses to “The Vegetarian Experiment–Monthly Mission February 2013

  1. Wow, awesome monthly mission! I’ve tried the vegan diet before for a few months, and it became too tough for me to follow permanently. How has this month gone for you?

    • The month has been good, but I’m not going to be giving up meat forever. I’m finishing up a post talking about how the month has gone, which should be up today or tomorrow. Check it out for the full scoop on how this month has gone.

      Thanks for leaving a comment! I appreciate it!

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