One Lump, or Two? Monthly Mission April 2013

Tea Inventory

Tea Inventory (Photo credit: euphbass)

This month, I’m taking a cue from a recent wellness chat that I participated in as inspiration for my newest Monthly Mission.

A few weeks ago, I took part in a twitter chat concerning different fluid options and focusing on many of the benefits of different types of herbal teas.

Now, I don’t pretend to know all of the different benefits of all of the different types of tea that exist.

Some teas have caffeine, some don’t. Some teas are loaded with certain antioxidants, and others contain different types. Some teas are fruity, some are more herby. (Is that a word? Eh.)

Regardless, this month I’ll be having a cup of tea every day. Most days, the tea will probably be my night cap, but I’ll mix them in at various times throughout the day. Most of the tea we have are different fruit varieties, but I’ll try some green and other herbal teas as well.

My main goal for the month is just to expose myself to a variety of teas, and see what I like. So that’s what I’m going to start working on.

What are you trying for this month’s mission? I’d love to hear what you pick and how you do!



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12 responses to “One Lump, or Two? Monthly Mission April 2013

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  2. Brenda McNeil

    Wish I’d have known this yesterday. I have about 5 or 6 different types you could have tried.

  3. I’m interested that you said most of your teas are fruity. I know black, green and white tea leaves offer antioxidant benefits but is this the same with fruity teas? Or do they offer some other type of benefit? I’ve always thought it strange that so many different flavors of beverage are all called “tea”!

    • While I’m hardly a tea expert, the fruity teas are still good for you and do still have some antioxidant quantity. They may not be as plentiful as in some other teas, but they are still present. Also, the fruity teas are great options for a sweet, no calorie, and natural beverage to replace all the sugary drinks that are so prevalent.

      And for someone like me that doesn’t drink as much water as I should, the tea is a great way to increase my water intake.

      Thanks for checking out the post and asking the question. Sorry my answer isn’t the greatest, but like I said, I’m not an expert! Just trying to expose myself to some other options.

  4. An interesting subject. I have always had an interest in tea and mix several varieties. I will be watching with interest how this develops.

  5. I’ve heard that green tea is particularly beneficial, but I find the taste of it too bland on its own. But what I do is add it to all the other herbal teas that I do enjoy. I even add it to regular black tea.
    I like a variety of herbal teas, but one of my favorites is chocolate chai – especially when craving something sweet.

    • That’s an interesting idea, blending different teas together. I like it! And I totally agree with you about the green tea. Never understood why people love it so much. I always have been indifferent to it.

  6. Eve

    I’ve been drinking herbal tea for quite a few years, and they have their own shelf in the kitchen.
    When you say you have a cup at night, one of my favorites for bedtime is chamomile. It is very fragrant, tastes good, and the best part is it really does help to make you drowsy.
    A daytime favorite is hibiscus – very high in vitamin C.

    • I’ve got a blend called “Rest” that I’ve been drinking at night, but I may have to try the chamomile. Always looking for varieties that have a nice flavor, which is probably why I like the fruity teas so much!

  7. I’m a massive fan of peppermint tea. Very relaxing and it’s good for your stomach. I’m sure it has other health benefits too.

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