Lunge Demonstration

In this video you’ll see me showing a client the proper and most effective way to do a lunge.



April 3, 2013 · 9:53 pm

12 responses to “Lunge Demonstration

  1. Should your knee touch the floor when you lunge, or do you fall just short of touching it?

    • Ideally, you would go as low as you could, so if it touches slightly that is ok.

      However, it is more important that you only go as low as you can while maintaining perfect form and balance. So if going all the way to the ground makes you unsteady, only go as low as you can while still maintaining balance.

      Great question!

  2. Actually, at 58 I find that a good lunge is a great stretching exercise for me. It works the hamstrings the way I do it. Five minutes a day is all I need.

  3. Can you suggest a move that is less straining of the knee? I had knee surgery 2 years ago and while my knee is getting stronger, I would rather take the slow root to strengthening it as well as my upper legs.

    • If you are still having trouble with you knee 2 years post op, you need to follow up with your Doc or PT. No way should it be bothering you after two years if you’ve done proper rehab to this point.

  4. Ive had problems with my knees for years, and i noticed my first attempt it put strain on my knees maybe im just not use toit

    • Make sure you are stepping far enough forward that when you bend your knee doesn’t go in front of your toe. That will help to ease the strain on your knee.

  5. Does it matter what speed you do lunges at? I have been told by some people that you should do them fast and others say to do them slower. I usually try to do them faster as I feel it improves my ability to jump because I am a basketball player. What is your opinion?

    • I’m ok with doing them fast, provided your form is perfect and you’re not wobbling or out of balance. Those two are more important than speed in my book.

  6. I’m just starting out on my fitness journey, is it ok to use a chair or a wall for a little stability? I can hardly do these free standing.

    • Absolutely!

      And don’t feel like you have to lower yourself all the way down at first. As you build strength, you’ll be able to lunge deeper AND have improved stability. Keep at it!

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