Gut Check–Monthly Mission June 2013

I’m a few days late with getting this post up, but I have been on my Monthly Mission since the 1st, I promise.

No Activia for me, but I am following Jaime Lee's lead.

No Activia for me, but I am following JLC’s lead.

When we think about improving our health, most of us have plenty of places to pick up the slack.

Whether it’s improving diet, drinking more water, sleeping better, getting more exercise, or simply taking time to meditate and be calm we all have a number of things that we can do to be healthier. And in my time doing different Monthly Missions, I’ve attempted one or more tasks in each of these categories. Some were more difficult than others, but I think that all helped in some way.

Recently, I had an opportunity to take advantage of a discounted offer to meet with Dr. Steve Templin, who is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Acupuncture has long intrigued me, and my wife has been seeing a different acupuncturist in Dr. Templin’s office for a few years now, so when the opportunity arose I took a shot.

When I first sat down with him, Dr. Templin looked over my medical history questionnaire, which thankfully showed that I was pretty healthy. In the course of our conversation, however, he had a few suggestions of me for ways that I may be able to improve the weaker areas of my health while maintaining the positive factors.

The one thing that Dr. Templin felt very strongly about was the need to improve my gut health, even though he didn’t think that my gut health was all that poor. As a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Templin tries to enable the body to do as much of the work of improving one’s health as possible. In his view, the modern diet has wrecked havoc on the billions (yes, billions) of normal, healthy, and needed bacteria that are naturally found in our digestive system. These bacteria are responsible for breaking down the food we eat and allowing us to get the nutrients out of our food, and if they aren’t functioning optimally our health suffers.

We talked gut health for awhile, and Dr. Templin actually recommended that I take a probiotic treatment a few times a year. Even if everything seems ok, and the digestive track is functioning properly, he still thinks it’s a good idea.

So that’s what I’m doing this month. I’m popping a probiotic supplement every day for this month to see if I notice any difference. Ever since I dropped wheat from my diet, my digestive system has been working a lot better, so I’m not sure if I expect to see much of a difference while I’m on the supplement, but I’ve been surprised before at the results of many Monthly Missions so I’m keeping an open mind.

Digestive health to improve overall health. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

What Are You Doing for Your Monthly Mission in June? Leave a Comment Below to Let Me Know!

*Dannon, be cool please. But if you want me to take down your image, just ask. Lawsuits are not necessary.

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