Working From the Middle Out–Monthly Mission August 2013

Why do you work on your core muscles?


Image by Mike via Flickr

For most people, if they’re honest, it’s vanity. We do crunches, planks, or whatever else to help tighten up those tummy muscles and possibly catch a glimpse of the elusive (for most of us anyway) 6-pack.

This month, I’ll be working on my core, but for the 6-pack building. Although, if one shows up, I won’t be upset. For me, I’m working on my core for better function. For runners, a solid core really helps running efficiency and helps you maintain good form. Both of these attributes help you to run farther and faster, but they also help you to stay injury free.

As I really start focusing my training for my next marathon, I’m taking this month to continue to build a solid foundation in my body.

The Plan


Image by rampartgeneral via Flickr

The plan for this monthly mission is simple. On every even numbered day of the month, I’ll be doing 5 minutes of planks, plus a few other core exercises. I won’t be doing 5 minutes straight, but I’ll be mixing in planks of various times totaling 5 minutes for the day. On the odd numbered days of the month, I’ll be working on the peripheral muscles of my body, doing push ups, rows, pull ups, squats, lunges, etc.

By focusing on my core strength and stability, as my training continues to ramp up and my races draw near, I’ll be able to push hard and hopefully bring home a few PR’s later this fall.

What Are You Doing for Your August Monthly Mission? Let Me Know & Leave a Comment Below!



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4 responses to “Working From the Middle Out–Monthly Mission August 2013

  1. if you are aiming on the core muscles but also have children – take them to a climbing wall!
    Climbing is amazing for core muscle strength and flexibility. It also has the advantage of keeping active children busy and happy.

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