Polish Those Pearls–Monthly Mission October 2013

It’s October.

For many of you, I’m betting fall is in the air. For us down in Florida, we hope that fall will be here soon.

Anyway, in my world, October means one thing–Halloween. And Halloween means one thing–candy! Lots and lots of candy.

So, if there was ever a month where the Monthly Mission should focus on dental health, I think October would be appropriate.

My Monthly Mission for this month is simple, I’m going to floss my teeth every day.


Image by Jessie via Flickr

We all know we are supposed to floss daily, but how many really do? How many floss more days than not?

All I know is that I’m lucky if I floss once a week, so while this month’s mission may sound easy it will require a certain level of commitment that I’m usually lacking.

How Often Do you Floss Your Teeth?

What are You Doing for Your Monthly Mission in October?



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6 responses to “Polish Those Pearls–Monthly Mission October 2013

  1. YaWife

    How about a dental appointment as well?!

  2. Jen

    My mission for this month is to lose weight. I hope i can find enough motivation and inspiration.

    • Good luck.

      Sometimes a goal like “lose weight” can be tough though, since it’s not specific. But if you really put your mind to it, you’ll be just fine.

  3. Hey,Denny flossing is a great thing to do everyday, been teaching my kids the importants of flossing and how it can help them… Thanks for the great post on Polish Those Pearls…

    • Matthew–

      I’ve always known it was important, I just never made it a priority. It’s these kind of things that are exactly what Monthly Missions are about!

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