Monthly Mission Lookback–October 2013

Last month, my Monthly Mission was a little different than any that I’ve done before. I set out on October 1st to floss my teeth once a day, every day, for the entire month.


Image by Jen SFC-BCN via Flickr

For some, a commitment to floss every day may not seem like a bid deal, but for me it absolutely was. I wasn’t a perfect 31/31, but I’d say that I only missed about 10 days for the month. To put that in perspective, from January thru September I might have only flossed about 10 days.

I’d call that a success. Or at least not a complete failure.

How Did You Do This Month on Your Monthly Mission? Success? Not So Much? Somewhere in the Middle? Let Me Know!



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2 responses to “Monthly Mission Lookback–October 2013

  1. Donna Krahe

    I’m sure your dentist will notice

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