Try a Personal Trainer With No Commitment or Cost

Have you thought about working with a personal trainer, but hesitated because of the cost or the length of commitment required?


Well, for a limited time you can try my style of personal training without any concern about being committed long term or being bound by any price.

The Offer

It’s really simple.

We work together for 5 sessions before you have to make any decisions and before any money changes hands.

After the 5th workout, you have a couple of choices to make.

First, you get to decide what my time and my services were worth to you. Did I create workouts for you that met your expectations? Did I adjust the sessions to suit your needs? Did I suck? Hopefully I was a lot more of 1 and 2, and almost none of 3, but it is for you to decide. Once you’ve decided what those 5 workouts were worth to you, you pay me accordingly. If I was terrible, don’t pay me at all. The decision is entirely yours, and I will respect the decision that you make.

Second, do we keep going? If you liked working with me during the trial period, I’d love to keep working with you and helping you to achieve your goals. If you want to keep going, normal pricing rates would go into place. If, however, I failed to meet your expectations or you don’t want to continue working with me, we simply part ways amicably.

You literally have nothing to lose.

(Although, if you want to lose some weight I can help you with that)

Contact Me Today

Why wait for January to get started on a workout program?

Let’s start today, and that will allow you take advantage of this limited time offer. The first step is for us to get together, and allow for me to meet you and answer any questions that you may have. This first meeting, by the way, won’t count against your 5 sessions trial.

Once we discuss the details and you’re ready to start your trial, we schedule your workouts and get started.

So don’t wait. Give me a call/shoot me a text (863.651.4543) or send me an email (denny @ and we will get the ball rolling.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

***Trial offer is for new clients only***


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