What Does “Good Health” Even Mean?

“To a happy, and HEALTHY 2014!”


Image by Nima Sareh via Flickr

Here, here!

And yet, what exactly were you toasting when the ball dropped the other night?

What Does Healthy Even Mean?


Everyone wants to live a healthier life, and that’s never more apparent than at this time of year. Many New Year’s Resolutions revolve around matters of better health–from kicking smoking to losing weight and everything in between.

Yet when you ask people what improved health really means, you tend to get more than a few blank stares.

How Can You Hit the Better Health Target When You Don’t Even Know What the Target Is?

Short answer, you can’t.

Think about it. Walk into a gym blindfolded and try making a basket. Throw darts without knowing where the dart board is. Try saving for retirement without knowing when you’ll retire or how much money you might need.

The odds of achieving success in a situation where you have no idea what success even means are pretty slim.

You Must Define What Healthy Means for You

If being healthy or improving your health is your goal for 2014, your first step must be to decide what that actually means.

Do not sign up for a gym membership. Do not hire me as your personal trainer. Do not pass go and collect $200.

Define what healthy means before doing anything else. (Then hire me to be your personal trainer. Hehe.)

Is better health the ability to run a 5k? Maybe a marathon? How about fit into a size 6 wedding dress or have a fasting blood sugar level that is no longer in the pre-diabetic range?

You see, what healthy is to me and what healthy is to you are likely two completely different things. Which means that for both of us to be healthier this year, we probably need to focus on doing different things in order to be successful.

Better Health Isn’t One-Size Fits All

We are all unique.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of you. And that is why defining healthy is so important. Everyone is capable of improving their health, as long as you know where you want to go before you try to get there.

Do that, and 2014 will be your healthiest year ever.

So How Do You Define What Better Health Is? I’d Love to Hear Your Definition in the Comments Section Below.



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