An Offer You Can’t Refuse


So First Friday was last night, and….

Let’s just say the Floridians were struggling with the sub-50 degree temps.

There were a few folks out, but nothing like the usual amount of foot traffic. And for the most part, at least in front of my table, the people that did come out didn’t have much of a desire to stop and chat. They kept their hands in their pockets, smiled, and kept on walking.

So the awesome deal I wanted to offer didn’t exactly generate as much interest/excitement as I had hoped.

So I’m extending the deal.

January 2014 First Friday Offer Extended

For anyone that stopped and talked to me and filled out a drawing slip last night (grand total of 0 people, though a few did stop and talk), I was planning on giving them:

  • A Free Consultation to Determine Current Health Status
  • Measurements/Body Composition (If Desired, Not Required)
  • Discussion of Health and Fitness Goals for 2014 and Beyond
  • Formulate a Plan to Achieve YOUR Goals
  • A Workout Created for You, Taking Your Strengths and Weaknesses Into Consideration

Since no one took advantage of this deal at First Friday last night, their loss is your gain. Contact me between now and 12:00 pm on Monday, January 6th, and you can take advantage of this offer. Leave me a comment on this blog post, reach out to me on Facebook or Twitter, shoot me an email, call me, text me, use a smoke signal, or send a carrier pigeon. I don’t care how you get in touch with me, just reach out between now and Monday and we will set up your free session.

Spread the Word

After you get in touch with me to set up our meeting, tell your friends y’all.

There are so many people in our community that have made New Year’s Resolutions related to improving their health, and I want to help them be successful.

Don’t wait. And don’t let this offer pass without setting up a session.

I can’t wait to meet with you, and get you set up for an awesome 2014.

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Reach out to me and let’s get started!


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