The Problem with Cereal–Monthly Mission January 2014

With the new year, I am looking forward to a fresh start for my Monthly Missions.

After the disaster that was my November mission, I never quite got around to making one for December. I had a few ideas floating around in my mind, but I never nailed one down.

I’m back in the saddle again. (Cue Aerosmith music/Steven Tyler screaming BBBBBAAAAACCCCKKK! in your head)

This month, I’ll be cutting cereal out of my diet.


Image by Jennifer Kumar via Flickr

Let’s cut to the chase. I love cereal. I could probably eat little else then cereal for a few weeks, and be completely fine with it. Back when I went wheat-free for a month, I knew the two hardest things for me to be without would be bread and cereal.

While I still don’t eat bread often, other than the occasional gluten-free piece here and there, I’ve gotten back into cereal pretty heavy. Between gluten-free varieties of Chex and the other rice or corn based cereals, I’ve been able to eat lots of cereal while still skipping the wheat.

Herein lies the problem. Cereal in itself really isn’t that bad. When I’m eating my cereal, however, it’s not just the cereal I’m shoveling down my gullet. It’s the sugar too. Copious amounts of sugar. Like, I-may-be-eating-Rice-Chex-but-it-has-the-sugar-equivalent-of-Fruity-Pebbles amounts of sugar.


I need a reset.

So this month, no cereal for me.

And there’s no telling how many pounds of sugar I’ll avoid during the next few weeks.

What are You Doing for Your Monthly Mission to Start 2014?



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