Not a Gym Person? Let’s Talk!

When it comes to exercise, there are basically two kinds of people–gym goers and those that hate the gym. While there are a few people that are neither hot nor cold when it comes to the gym, the majority are firmly in either the pro- or anti- gym camps.

Where do you fit on this spectrum?

If you’re not a gym person, does that mean you’re not a personal trainer person too? Or are you not a personal trainer person only by default?

You Don’t Need the Gym to Utilize a Personal Trainer

At most gyms, there are personal trainers milling around looking for ways to help you and hoping that you will hire them to help you reach your fitness goals.

But if you’re doing your workouts at home, there might only be a dog or two (or some cats) milling around while you’re trying to workout, and any time you bend over, lay on the floor, or try a push up you instantly become the center of attention.

plank with Molly

photo credit: LeeAnn Langdon, Prime of Life Fitness

While you don’t have to worry about the animals judging you, critiquing your form, or trying to sell you a package of sessions, the fur-children also can’t give you advice on different exercises to try or encourage you along your way.

If you’d like that encouragement and expertise, without joining a gym, you do have an option.

Did you know that some personal trainers make house calls?

Why I Love Being a Mobile Personal Trainer

Being a gym-less personal trainer is awesome, in my opinion at least. Sure, there are some advantages and disadvantages of running my business without a gym, just like there are pros and cons of working in a gym, but it is something that I absolutely love doing.

It is my view that any personal trainer can work in a gym, but not every personal trainer can can be mobile. Too many personal trainers that work in a gym are reliant on the equipment that is available at the gym, from the big machines to the treadmills to all of the different gadgets (medicine balls, battle ropes, BOSU ball, etc.) that many gyms have available for use.

If you are mobile, like I am, you have to be comfortable working with minimal amounts of equipment. While that may sound like a burden, for me, this is the reason that I love my job the most! I am able to be creative and come up with exercise routines for my clients that they can do in their living room or out on the lanai, while still being challenging enough that the client feels he or she has had a great workout.

If you want a gym caliber workout without going to the gym, call me. I’ll show you what’s up.

Find the Option that is Best For You

While a gym isn’t the only option for everyone, working with a personal trainer isn’t a must either. Some people really benefit from having someone like me create the workouts for them and tell them what to do, but some people like to create their own thing.

Whatever camp you’re in, as long as it’s successful, keep at it.

But if you’re struggling, if you’re having trouble seeing the success that you were hoping for, maybe it’s time to try a different way to workout.

If you’re not a gym goer, but need the guidance that a personal trainer can provide, what is holding you back? You could keep doing what you’ve been doing, even though it hasn’t been successful, or you could try doing something new.

Give me a call, and let’s get you back on the track to a better life and improved health.



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3 responses to “Not a Gym Person? Let’s Talk!

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope it will prove useful to you. I liked this post as I am very much not a gym person, but am enjoying finding my own way without a lot of equipment or strangers around Best of luck in your work and your blogging!

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