Hitting the Street–Monthly Mission February 2014

January was a bit of an awkward month for me in terms of my running routine.


With running two marathons two weeks a part, I didn’t exactly do a lot of regular training. I ran the first race of the month (Disney Marathon) on the 12th, and two weeks later I PR’d in a race across the street from Disney at the Celebration Marathon.

For those two weeks in between, however, I only ran a handful of times to allow my body to recover.

The strategy obviously worked, but as the month draws to a close I know find myself behind the pace for my 2014 goal of 1500 miles.

So this month, my monthly mission will be making sure to get a run in each and every day. I’m hoping the weather will cooperate, because I’ve totally used it being “too cold” as an excuse to not getting in a few runs that I had tentatively planned. I’m hoping to end up with 120+ miles for this month, which will still leave me behind the pace I need to get to, but we will see how that goes. The mission is simply to run for the next 28 days, and see what happens.

Are You Thinking About Trying a Monthly Mission this Month?

What are You Going to Do?



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3 responses to “Hitting the Street–Monthly Mission February 2014

  1. Monthly Mission, that’s an excellent idea! I’m going to try this.

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