Eat Fresh? Subway Sandwich #FAIL

Like most of the world I tuned in to the Super Bowl, or Superb Owl, last night.

I’m a sports addict, and while my Lions have never even sniffed the Super Bowl, there wasn’t much of a chance that I’d miss the game last night. And like most Americans, I also was tuning in to catch the new commercials. I purposefully didn’t watch any of the ads that were leaked before the game, and I was looking forward to some great commercials and a great football game.

Didn’t really get either.

The Commercial That Got Me Fired Up

There were some good commercials, some “eh” commercials, and some kind of left me scratching my head.

But this ad from Subway got me fired up.

Do you really expect me to believe that Nastia Luken, Apollo Anton Ono, and Micheal Phelps are really eating this sandwich? No. (You could probably convince me that Jay Glazer is, however, but he’s not exactly an elite physical specimen.)

Subway has done a good job of building a brand image around their tag line of “Eat Fresh”. Please explain to me what is fresh about this new sandwich?

Eat fresh implies healthy food, and this new sandwich is far from healthy. Consider the following nutrition facts for the 6″ sandwich, straight from the Subway website:

  • Calories–580
  • Calories from Fat–240
  • Total Fat–26 g
  • Sodium–1170 mg

Translation, not really healthy.

To be fair, Subway has had plenty of less healthy options available on their menu for a long time. The 6″ Big Hot Pastrami is actually worse in all categories, and there are plenty of other sandwiches that have very similar numbers.

Remove the Blinders

Many people I know, and plenty of my clients, view Subway as a healthier option for a meal on the go than many other fast food chains. On the whole, this is absolutely true, but you have to choose wisely.

Choosing one of the sandwiches Subway usually brags about is a way better option than a greasy burger from one of the other chains. But honestly, this Fritos Chicken Enchilada Melt isn’t. You can’t tell me that this sandwich is healthier for you than a Big Mac. Don’t believe me? Click the links for nutrition facts from each company.

So the next time you go into Subway to grab a quick lunch, do so with the realization that there are plenty of calorie bombs available to you.

Instead, stick with one of the healthier options, load it up with veggies, and you’ll be much more likely to actually “Eat Fresh”.



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4 responses to “Eat Fresh? Subway Sandwich #FAIL

  1. I am so glad you posted this. I was really disappointed at the athletes who were promoting this. I know it is probably part of something they signed, but this is not something an athlete would have for lunch.

    • Thanks.

      I was flying off the handle on it last night when I first saw the commercial. I blasted it a little bit on twitter, but calmed down before writing the post this morning. It just goes to show that just because Subway has some much healthier options than most other fast food restaurants, they have some bombs on the menu too. Choose carefully!

  2. Micki Custer

    If I eat at Subway, I get a veggie sub on the whole wheat or whole grain (whatever) bread. Even Keith manages to get a healthier choice, like a breakfast sandwich that he likes. Mindful eating.

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