A New Adventure for DK FitSolutions

I’ve been working with a business coach since the first of the year, and one of the biggest takeaways from our time together has been my eyes being opened to other ways to grow DK FitSolutions.

To be honest, I love what I do. I have some great clients that are taking control of their health and seeing marked improvements to a variety of the facets of their physical fitness.

When I was asked during one of my first sessions with my coach where I saw myself in 5 years, I had to pause. The thing I dislike the most about the current state of DK FitSolutions is the constant hustle for new clients. Just when I’m starting to get ahead a little bit with appointment volume, I lose a client for one reason or another. Or I have a week with multiple cancellations that takes the week from the black to the red. In 5 years, I hope to still be working with a handful of regular clients, but I don’t want to have to rely on my clients to keep the roof over my head and the air conditioner running.

As we worked through this revelation, we talked about different ways to generate income in addition to my personal training sessions. My first thought was increasing traffic to the blog, and hoping to be able to generate some ad income. My coach suggested having a product available for sale online, which can theoretically generate income 24 hours a day. The last thing he mentioned was creating a podcast, which was actually something he was just starting to dabble with.

Better Health 101

Better Health 101 DKFS

Within a few weeks, the shape for the podcast had been formed in my mind. I wanted to create a show for people that want to take control of their health, whether they are starting from scratch or have been exercising for years. I wanted to talk about current events, and especially current health/fitness news items, in a way that anyone can understand without the use of a medical dictionary. And I wanted to create a show that would encourage, motivate, and inspire my listeners as they begin/continue on the path for better health.

It’s Alive!

While my show is far from perfect yet, it’s going strong.

Instead of waiting for everything to be perfect, I just jumped into the deep end and I’m learning to swim as I go. My first show was pretty bad, but it set the bar low and every episode since has been better.

I would love it if you guys would take a few minutes to check out my show and let me know what you think.

I’m on both iTunes and Stitcher Radio, simply search for Better Health 101 and my show will come up. You can listen to a show or two, or better yet, hit the subscribe button and every time I release a new show you’ll be alerted.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog on a regular basis. Hopefully, you’ll take a chance on my podcast, and allow me to talk to you a couple of times a week as well.

Y’all have a great week, and check out my podcast.

Look for my newest show on Wednesday morning!

Do You Listen to Podcasts?

If So, What Subjects/Topics Do You Like?

If Not, Why Not Give Them a Shot?



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7 responses to “A New Adventure for DK FitSolutions

  1. Brenda McNeil

    Looks great, Denny! Look forward to listening and learning!

  2. I will definitely check this out. Good for you looking ahead into the future. I have been a coach for over 10 years now and I know the feeling of building and having cancellations etc. Keep looking forward like this and you will continue to see success!

    • Thanks for the encouragement and the morsel of free advice!

      The newest podcast is ready, and it’ll be released in the morning. I’d love to hear what you think.

  3. barb berg

    Hi Denny. I am a friend of your mom and dad’s and into yoga and now latin/ballroom dancing. I did see the final episode of the Biggest loser…don’t really watch it but sometimes watch the end of all BIG shows, like survivor, super bowl, etc….just to be in the loop. I heard 14 minutes of your pod cast before my internet said “rebuffering” and I could not get it to move on…but I loved it! It was great to hear your comments on BMI and more importantly the comments about the HUGE expectations this show sends out to other very obese people. Now, I do love the fact that it does demonstrate that a person does not need to have gastric bypass in order to lose weight….I have seen WAY too much of that. But, I appreciated your comments on losing weight slowly with proper nutrition and exercise as being the healthy way and people need that reminder. I personally lost 25#’s but it took me over 2 years….and it was usually a pound month…but it stayed off and I learned to never diet, but just to change how I eat. Good food tastes good. I get so tired of people being on these crazy 17 day diets….anyway, just saying I loved the pod cast and look forward to hearing your future ones. Keep up the good work and congratulations.

    • Barb–

      Thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to listen to the show. I wrote a blog post on the BL finale, but really wanted to address it verbally as well. There is no doubt that there are some positives to the show, but I worry that it sets up unrealistic expectations in terms of rate of weight loss for the average viewer.

      Congrats to you on your 25# loss. Even though it probably took longer than you would have wanted it to, in those 2 years you obviously learned valuable lessons on the importance of healthy eating and regular physical activity. And it is those lessons that have allow you to keep the weight off.

      I hope you’ll keep listening to the podcast and checking out the blog. If I can help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to ask!


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