Balancing of the Beverages–Monthly Mission March 2014

While I’m a little tardy on getting this Monthly Mission out to the world, rest assured, I have been following it since the 1st.

The month, my mission is less than scientific, very subjective, and relatively unmeasurable. In short, it’s a terrible goal. But I’m still going to give it an honest attempt and see how it goes.

There have been a few times in the past where I challenged myself to drink a certain amount of water on a daily basis. While I was sufficiently hydrated during those months, shortly after the month ended I was back to drinking minimal amounts of water.


Image by Gunnar Grimnes via Flickr

So this month, I’m trying a different track to create a permanent increase in the amount of water that I drink on a regular basis. What I’m doing is simple, I’m aiming to drink an equal amount of water and coffee per day. The goal for this month is actually a subtle 2-for-1–drinking a little less coffee and a little more water.

While I’m not getting out a measuring cup to make sure I’m on point, I’m being conscious about the amount of coffee I’m drinking and purposefully adding more water to the equation.

And even if I don’t quite balance the scales perfectly after this month is complete, I’m hoping that this mission will provide longer lasting results than some of the previous attempts at drinking more water.

What Are You Doing for Your March Monthly Mission? I’d Love to Hear What You’re Trying!



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3 responses to “Balancing of the Beverages–Monthly Mission March 2014

  1. Be more consistent with my exercise program.

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