Define Your Why

Why is your improving your health important to you? Why do you eat healthy foods and make sure you make physical fitness a priority?

Have you ever thought about why you care about being healthy?


Image by BuzzFarmers via Flickr

You Need to Know Why

We’ve talked before about the need to have a picture of what good health means to you. Whether your view of good health is running a marathon, playing golf into your 80s, or setting a good example for your kids, it is vitally important that all of us know what our definition of being healthy is.

But just because you know what good health looks like in your mind’s eye, you still need to have a reason to make the right choices in the kitchen and in the gym.

That reason is your why.

Why the Why is Important

Knowing what your definition of healthy looks like is critical, but it doesn’t get you out of the bed in the morning to hit the gym before work or before the kids wake up. It doesn’t make you choose water instead of Coke. Your why is what keeps you out of the drive-thru after a long day of work and encourages you to make something healthy for dinner when you get home.

That’s why your why is important.

Pick Your Why

Why is your health important to you?

For me, it’s important for me to stay healthy so I can continue to inspire other people to take control of their health everyday. My health is important because I’m 4 months away from being a dad, and I want to encourage my baby to be health as it grows up. Being healthy is important because I want to be an awesome grandpa someday.

I guess you could say that my family and my future are my main whys.

What Are Your Whys for Making Your Health Important?


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