Hungry for Change

Good Lord, y’all.

I’m really loving this whole podcast-thing that I’m creating now. And if you haven’t checked out Better Health 101 yet, what are you waiting for? Now that I’m starting to get a knack for it, the show almost sounds legit. I’ve obviously got lots of room for continued growth, but from where I was at the start of February to where I am now, it’s a night and day difference.

While I’d love it if most of you guys that subscribe to the blog would take a few minutes and subscribe to the podcast as well (easiest way is on your phone–iTunes for you iPhone folks and Stitcher if you use an Android), the point of this post isn’t to continue to pimp my podcast.


The show that I’m working on for Saturday is going to be a look at the documentary film Hungry for Change. And let me just go on record here–this film is incredible! If you have Netflix, you seriously need to watch it. The way they break down a lot of the science behind food, why we crave certain things, and how to successfully lose weight long term is pretty eye opening. I’m slightly afraid that playing a few clips in the podcast won’t be doing the film justice, because cutting anything out means losing some valuable information.

This post is short today. Watch the movie. Cue it up, sit back, and enjoy. You’re welcome.

And if you want a little teaser/preview of the doc before you commit 90 minutes to it, make sure to check out Better Health 101 on Saturday.

Ok, that was just a shameless plug.


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2 responses to “Hungry for Change

  1. I’m going to check out that movie AND the podcast!

    • Definitely watch the film. It’s really good. And now that I’ve watched it and listened to it multiple times, I keep gleaning new info I had missed before.

      It’s a real case of information overload!

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