Monthly Mission Lookback–March 2014

As March is winding down, how did you do on your Monthly Mission?

My mission for March was to focus on drinking the same amount of coffee and water each day. While I knew that this wasn’t be best Monthly Mission from the start, because I wasn’t measuring how much I was drinking, I knew that if I was focusing on drinking more water that would be a good thing.


At Least I Wasn’t This Bad!

This past month, I definitely drank more water than usual, and on most days I drank a little less coffee than I had been. So from that point of view, my mission was a success. But did I drink an equal amount of water and coffee each and every day? No. So from that angle, I came up short.

This is the beautiful thing about doing these Monthly Missions.

While I wasn’t as good in March as I had been in other months, tomorrow I get to start fresh on a new Monthly Mission.

A new month brings a new mission, and a new chance to be successful!


How Did You Do on Your March Monthly Mission?

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