YouTube Challenge

You know I’m a sucker for peer pressure and a challenge.

So this month, my twitter buddy and awesome podcast host Chris Cerrone laid down a challenge on his show–30 YouTube videos in 30 days for the month of April. There are no rules, just everyone has to upload a new video each day.

I’d actually been thinking about trying to get some videos out there recently, so this challenge was the perfect way for me to take the leap into the deep end and worry about swimming once I got there.

Now that I’m in the pool, it’s not quite as scary as I thought it would be. Sure, I’m a fairly incapable dog-paddler, but I’m not taking on any water at the moment. And hopefully, but the end of the month, I’ll be able to swim a few laps and have learned the finer points of the flip turn.

So anyway, here’s my first video. And if you’d like to follow along with my daily recordings, check me out on YouTube or Vimeo!


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