The Only Constant is Change


Image by Celestine Chua via Flickr


It’s an exciting time around these parts.

Business seems to be picking up. The podcast is rocking and rolling. I’m having a ball with the #30vids30days youtube challenge.

And there’s that baby coming soon too.

So as if there wasn’t enough stuff going on, it’s also time to completely overhaul the website.

Change for the Better

This website has been great for me, and has really helped me grow to this point. But it’s time for the change. With the podcast launch, and the video creation, I just can’t do everything I need to do on this version of WordPress. I’ll save you all the technical details, especially since I don’t even know all of the technical details, but if you don’t hear from me within a week or so please check out The website address should be staying the same, but if you have subscribed to the blog via email or followed it via wordpress, there may be some issues with continuing to get those notifications.

So if you could check back on Monday or Tuesday (everything should be spruced up by then), you should see a whole new layout that will help me to continue to grow and expand. And I’ll also be giving away a free book on the site, so you might as well come check that out as well.

If, however, you’d like a reminder to check out the new site when it is up, I can do that for you too. Simply follow me on twitter, or like me on Facebook, and I’ll be sending out messages on those forums when the site is alive and well. Or just shoot me a quick email (dkfitsolutions @ gmail {dot} com) asking for the reminder, and I’ll send a quick reply when everything is good to go.

Thanks Guys

Ultimately, I have to thank you guys for making this transition necessary. If y’all weren’t taking the time to read my posts, leave me comments, listen to my podcasts, or interact in a variety of other ways I wouldn’t have continued to grow and expand to the point where this change is necessary.

Y’all rock.

And I hope you’ll continue rocking with me at the “New & Improved” DK FitSolutions as well.

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