Client Feedback

See What My Clients are Saying About Their Experience With DK FitSolutions!

The workouts are always different and progressing forward, it’s incredible! I could not be where I am today without you in my corner.


Years ago I tried working with a fitness coach at a major gym chain and although I paid for a series of five sessions I only used two. Before the first one they just took my weight and measurements – there was no discussion to find out about my goals or preferences. I had a different trainer each session and it seemed they wanted just to get through the time we had together as quickly as possible. They’d even text or talk to other trainers during the sessions instead of focusing on me. When I heard the trainer assigned to my third session try to talk another one into taking my appointment because there was someone in better shape that they wanted to work with I knew it was time to end my relationship with the trainers there…and that gym.

About six weeks ago I began working with Denny twice a week at the fitness center in the community where we live. Several weeks before that I had an initial consultation with him where we discussed his philosophy about exercise and asked me what I hoped to get from the time we spent working together. Before the first session I had a questionnaire that he asked me to fill out that helped him have insight into my preferences, lifestyle, and health history. I was extremely nervous the first time we worked out but that proved to be short-lived because it didn’t take long for me to see that Denny was supportive, encouraging, and – the most important thing to me – not going to judge me based on what I could or couldn’t do. He has been understanding and flexible with scheduling and has worked around my schedule. The sessions are different each time and the variety helps prevent boredom.

I’d highly recommend anyone considering it to give Denny a call. In the past six weeks I feel better when I’m awake and am sleeping much better and I’ve gone down a size in clothes. Those things are great but even more valuable to me is that that I’ve started to believe in myself because Denny believes that I can do what he asks me to. That’s the best return on investment I could ask for.


A friend asked if I was interested in working out with Denny as our trainer. I was a little apprehensive at first only because I didn’t know him. I can tell you it has been a wonderful experience. He is a great guy and a great trainer. He has been great making me feel very comfortable from day one without any pressure. Hire Denny you won’t be sorry I promise!!!


I’m 55 and was getting out of shape – OK – I was out of shape – due to job/life/distractions. I will never go back to that state again – I feel great, I’m always upbeat and high energy and love that my “gut” is quickly going away – I was starting to get embarrassed in photos. Denny is innovative and customizes everything to you. My bucket list? To go water skiing again. Wow – guess what – I’m nearly there.

p.s. Denny also coaches my wife and now she’s far less cranky. Just saying. . .